Exploring Nature’s Blueprint: Ecohaven Speaks about Sustainable Landscape Architecture at Enderun College

Landscape architecture, often referred to as the art of outdoor design, encompasses the meticulous crafting of our outdoor spaces. From urban parks to botanical gardens, landscape architects shape environments that not only please the eye but also serve a myriad of functional and environmental purposes. On April 16, 2024, Enderun College welcomed Ecohaven Group’s Chief Landscape Architect Don Manlangit for a speaking engagement centered around the theme “Nature’s Blueprint: Designing Sustainable Landscapes”.  Don’s presentation not only epitomized professionalism and expertise but also shed light on the importance and benefits of sustainable landscape architecture.

Ecohaven Chief Don Manlangit with the faculty and students of Enderun College, College of Architecture and Design

Understanding Sustainable Landscape Architecture

Don’s presentation began by unraveling the essence of sustainable landscape architecture. He emphasized the pivotal role of sustainable practices in landscape design, which harmonize with the environment, society, and economy. Don elaborated on the four core principles of sustainable landscape architecture: environmental sustainability, social sustainability, economic sustainability, and climate resilience. Through a comprehensive discussion, attendees gained insights into the holistic approach required for sustainable landscape design.

Benefits of Sustainable Landscape Architecture

The benefits of sustainable landscape architecture are manifold and far-reaching. From environmental conservation to economic prosperity, sustainable landscapes offer a plethora of advantages. Don delved into the environmental benefits, such as the conservation of natural resources, preservation of biodiversity, and mitigation of climate change. Moreover, he highlighted the social benefits, including enhanced public health and well-being, and strengthened community engagement and cohesion. Economically, sustainable landscapes offer cost savings through efficient resource management and increase property values and marketability.

Strategies for Achieving Sustainability

To achieve sustainability in landscape architecture, Don emphasized the importance of implementing water-efficient landscaping, using native plants and materials, integrating renewable energy, and adopting sustainable construction practices. By incorporating these strategies, landscape architects can minimize environmental impact while maximizing functionality and aesthetics.

Showcase of International Famous Projects

The presentation culminated with a showcase of internationally renowned projects that exemplify sustainable landscape architecture. From the High Line Park in New York City to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, these projects demonstrate the transformative power of sustainable design in urban environments.

High Line in New York

Showcase of Projects by Ecohaven Group

As a testament to Ecohaven’s commitment to sustainability, Don showcased several projects by the group, including the SM Mall of Asia Skygarden and the Canva Philippines Headquarters. These projects exemplify Ecohaven’s dedication to creating innovative and sustainable outdoor spaces that inspire and delight.

SM Mall of Asia Skygarden landscape water features by Ecohaven Group

In conclusion, Don Manlangit’s speaking engagement at Enderun College provided a profound exploration of sustainable landscape architecture. Through insightful discussions, illuminating examples, and practical strategies, attendees gained a deeper understanding of how nature’s blueprint can be harnessed to create landscapes that are not only beautiful but also sustainable for future generations.